Sunday, 6 November 2011

3 Ways to Make Money On eBay

eBay was and still is the best place to sell your items that you've got lying round the house, in the attic or in the garage. eBay has evolved since it's birth almost 20 years ago, yes I did just say 20 years ago. It's not only evolved in terms of being more user friendly but it's opened up the doors to new types of business.

Many people have made a substantial income just from eBay. As the years have gone on these business modules have been tweaked, honed and perfected. Some people have even shared their ways of making a lot of money on eBay.

The great thing with this is that we can cut our learning curve right down and find out some secrets that could have taken years to find if we tried to start a business with little knowledge. As I said before there a many ways to make money on eBay. So here we're going to look 3 Different ways you can make money on eBay.

Buy wholesale: This is basic way to start a business in general. Buying wholesale products is a tried and tested method. The thing is now though, the Internet has given us access to a huge amount of wholesalers which makes it easier for us to make money online. I call this the basic way to make money because it is what people have done for years because it works. It's not complicated, you buy in bulk wholesale, then sell on for a profit. The great thing with wholesale is you can carve out a niche for yourself and specialise in one area. Also there will be decent profit margins for you to have. It does require upfront capital and storage space but you can start small and scale up. The great thing with buying wholesale is you are in control of your stock, your margins and your shipments. This is how the top ebayers make big money on eBay. These days you can start off small and most wholeslers accept minimum order of 1 unit! Ever seen those items that come from China and take 3 weeks to arrive? Well that's what the eBay seller is doing. They're just placing that one order and having it sent to you instead. Yep, it really is as simple as that. Wanna know where you can find wholesalers? Check out Salehoo they have one of the largest directories of wholesalers around the world. That method I just told you leads us on to the next method of making money eBay.

Dropshipping : dropshipping has been around for decades but eBay has exploded the dropshipping market meaning there's more than ever. Dropshipping works like this. A dropshipper is like a wholesaler only you can buy individual items from them, the dropshipper will also post and package your item sending straight to your customers door. They are built around doing this business model. They don't usually sell in bulk items, they rely on people making individual sales from them.

So the dropshipper holds the stock, you list the item you want to sell that they stock on eBay for more than what the cost to you from them, a customer then buys it on eBay, you then place the order with the dropshipper and they then send it out for you.

Dropshipping is a great to earn money on eBay if you are new to selling and business on eBay. You can literally start in the next hour. The hardest part of dropshipping is finding dropshippers. They rarely advertise themselves due to the nature of their business. They rely on eBay sellers making repeat business with them rather than ordinary customers making one order. Salehoo have a large list of dropshippers all over the world that you can trade with instantly.

ebooks: Where do i start with this one, hmmmm. This is one of the best ways to make money online. Digital products are one of the greatest phenomenons to come out of the Internet. eBooks are digital books, usually saved as a pdf file on your computer, that you read on your computer. With the e-reader market exploding, people are reading more and more on their handheld devices.

The important ones that you want to sell on eBay are eBooks with resale rights. This means that when you buy an eBook with resell rights you also have the right to re sell it, over and over again. Because these are digital products, you don't have to touch a thing. It can all be automated if you have a website but you can still make a lot of money from selling them on eBay. To find out the huge potential of making money with these Click Here!

Step by Step: If you looking for a more overall step by step guide that doesn't focus on one area and covers all aspects of making a lot of money on eBay then Click Here!


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