Monday, 16 November 2015

What's The Best Things To Sell On eBay?

Many people are making tons of money on eBay selling an assortment of items. You can make a great living from selling the most mundane of things, so if you have a passion in a particular niche it will be successful if you dedicate your time learning how to sell and sell better. We live in a world of consumerism But what are the best items to sell if you're looking to sell hot items instantly on eBay? The answer is electronics. Electronics are the hottest items to sell on eBay. There's a number of reasons for this, we live in the age of electronics, electronics are cheaply made, we use electronics on a daily basis, it's also the future. This niche isn't going to disappear for a while.

So you might be thinking that you're going to have to sell computer consoles and iPhone's to make any kind decent profit. Well you're wrong. Although you'd making an excellent living selling these items (If you could get hold of them), it doesn't mean it's the only type of electronics that could make an exceptional living from. You can carve out a niche for yourself just by selling chargers for the iPhone. Everyone knows the life expectancy of an iPhone charger. The length of their chargers is also a problem. People are crying out for longer chargers! That is just one simple idea for an eBay business. You can sell chargers for all the top selling mobile phones. Pretty simple huh? You can easily source these from Chinese wholesalers. A friend of mine just sold screen protectors, thousands of them.

Electronics are the most risky items to sell on eBay, due to their desirability and costs, so they're prone to theft and charge backs. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't sell electronic items. Reduce your risk by using the top selling electronics of today and sell the accessories for them. Screen protectors is an excellent example of this. Low cost to purchase, low cost to rectify if a customer "doesn't receive their item" low cost to package but you are reaching millions of customers who own a particular phone and more often than not, they'll buy more than one! 10c cost with a 50c sale price. Who can get those kinds of margins? Yeh, that's not big money but these kinds of items sell in the thousands monthly.

If you have an interest in a different type of electronics then think how you can use those items and sell the accessories that go with them. I'm a keen cyclist, I could branch out in to the data loggers, light accessories, satellite navigation. These items are so accessible to us small time sellers. It's just a case of a simple Google search.

Easy way to make sales fast.

Let's say you're going to sell mobile phone chargers. Buy your inventory. Lets say 100 chargers of the top 5 selling mobile phone devices now ( don't forget some devices have the same input ) then purchase 5 desirable second hand mobile devices, via craiglist, eBay, Facebook, Gumtree etc. These will be your "loss leader" sales. You then list these with a starting bid of 1c/1p  for 10 days. These will grab you a ton of traffic to your eBay account. Direct these consumers looking at the phone listing to your other listings by simply saying "Check out my other items" a fraction of those customers will no doubt buy a low cost accessory, they're already in the buying mode. It doesn't matter if you make a profit or a loss on the phones. Their sole purpose is to bring people to your eBay account. This is how you as a new eBayer make sales over the big sellers. Over time your eBay will accrue it's own creditability. This method is what supermarkets use and works every time. Seen that discounted TV in the window, gone in to buy at and also picked up a few more things en route to the checkout? Sure you have, we all have! You can adapt this for whatever you're selling.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Which is better Auctions or Buy it now listings on eBay as a seller?

Auctions and Buy it Now listings offer two different benefits of selling eBay. Neither one is better than the other, how you use them is what makes the difference. I use buy it now's a lot more than I use auctions but when I do use an auction I make them work for me. I'll show you how to use your buy it now's and auctions and when not to use them.

Everyone gets caught up in the thrill of seeing the bids go up on their auctions. I love hearing that little beep on my phone, letting me know someone has just made another bid. I prefer though, however hearing the cash register sound when my item has sold! The problem with auction as a seller is that they're a little addictive, we're all hoping at least two people battle it out at the end. Don't do this to yourself, unless you have something super rare, something that rarely comes up on eBay. This is where auctions are most valuable. All the feelings you get as a seller, so do the buyers. You want to create something they must have in order for the auctions to really work. No one likes being out bid either!

So using auctions should only be used when you are selling something unique or you really have no idea what the item is worth. You should also list these items at a penny. Read my other blogs to understand why you should do this. Don't start your auctions with a starting bid, you are killing the buyers instantly and even if you get that starting bid, you've jumped the price of your item up, dramatically reducing your buyers interest. You need two people to start a bidding war. Remember when you use auctions, you're going to have to accept the end price.

So, don't be afraid of using buy it nows. If you have an item and you know what you want for it, then list as a buy it now for that price!! By using by it now's you dictate what you want for it. You'll also be happy for when it sells at that price. Do not use the auction and buy it now option, you're undermining your buy it now price by doing that. If you saw an item listed for $100 buy it now or you can also make a starting bid of 99c, which are you gonna choose? Does the item look like it's worth $100 now either?

Buy it now's are great if you want to make money fast. You'll have to wait for the auction to finish before you get paid, that if the winning bidder still want's it still too. Yep, people do have a change of heart if they win an auction that they placed a bid on over a week ago.

If you want to make money fast, list your item fast use buy it now. If you do not know what your item is worth then auctions are great for finding out. You're going to have to list your item properly for an auction listing to get the maximum amount of bids for you.

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