Monday, 19 September 2011

How to make money on ebay : Sell other people's stuff!

eBay gives everybody the opportunity to make money from the comfort of their own home or a way to expand your existing business. There are many ways you can make money there. Buying products wholesale and selling them on for a profit, is the age old tested method of making money. It works offline and it works online but what if you haven't got the space to stock products or the upfront capital to buy in bulk? Can you still make money on eBay? Of course you can, one of those ways is to sell other peoples stuff, this is called  a Trading Assistant. Although you may love to sell on eBay, many people don't . Some people don't have the time to sell, some people are to scared of the world wide web and some people are just plain lazy. There is where you can make a tidy profit with little upfront capital, selling people's upfront items. The great thing about this method is that you probably have family members that would love to earn some extra money selling their stuff sitting in the garage or in the attic, they just need to sell it. That is where you come in.

You can set this up with just an ordinary eBay account which is great if you're just starting out and going to sell some of your families items first or if you already have gained experience selling on eBay you can join the eBay Trading assitant programme.

How this works: You list other people's items on eBay and deal with the post an packaging and paying the selling fee's. You then get a percentage of the profit which is agreed with the owner before selling. Your postage and packages costs will be covered as you will set the postage and packaging costs in the listing. You can always offer pick up.

What you'll need to set this up.

A eBay account
A good Digital Camera
A set of scales to calculate postage costs ( Optional )
Postage and Packaging Materials - You can get boxes for free from your local shops. One great packing item I use is couriers Pallet Shrink Wrap . This is great stuff to keep your boxes more secure and to minimize damage in transit. It also looks very professional.
Some Pens and Paper.
Business cards - As you get bigger you can expand by offering business cards.
A printer to print sales.
This is great way to earn an extra income you can decide whether you want to work part time or expand. The great thing with this is you do not need to buy upfront stock for thousands of dollars that could maybe never sell. Minimal storage needed (You could always let the owners store the item and you only collect when its sold).

To learn more on this method and to maximise your profits then read The Ultimate guide to becoming a eBay trading assistant



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